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Ian S. Ronderos | Attorney Spotlight | November 2021

This month we are excited to present our next Attorney Spotlight featuring one of our WLSC Partners, Ian S. Ronderos. Ian Ronderos joined Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson LLP as a law clerk in January of 2008, while still a law student at the University of Miami. Upon graduating law school Cum laude and passing the bar exam, Ian joined the firm as an associate in 2009. In 2013, the partnership of Walton Lantaff honored Ian by making him a partner. In 2021, the firm elevated Ian to senior partner status. As senior partner at Walton Lantaff, Ian helps lead the firm’s homeowners’ first party property department and is responsible for client relations and all aspects of the litigation lifecycle from case inception through trial and post-trial phases. Ian is a team-oriented person, who loves building and developing teams to effectively serve the needs of the firm’s clients. He enjoys the academic study of the law and possesses an intimate knowledge of Florida’s law regarding insurance litigation. Ian trains many of the firm’s new associates and gives them a detailed course on insurance law from A to Z. He also has presented numerous webinars and live seminars to provide continuing education credits to adjusters and is certified by the State of Florida to do so. In addition, Ian’s love of the law is reflected in the fact that he enjoys publishing legal articles. One of his clients has affectionately nicknamed him, “The Professor.” Ian attended the University of Notre Dame for undergraduate studies and graduated Cum laude. He majored in the Classics and is a passionate fan of Notre Dame.

Ian enjoys assisting insurers navigate Florida’s complex and dangerous litigation climate. He passionately advocates a theory of aggressively defending cases by pleading and developing incisive affirmative defenses designed to win the case. Paired with a Proposal for Settlement, this gives the insurer the opportunity to switch the perceived leverages in the case and obtain favorable results. Ian was named a Rising Star in Super Lawyers 2021 Rising Stars publication in the area of Insurance Coverage.

Ian takes pleasure in litigating insurance defense and subrogation matters on behalf of Insurance Companies and their Insureds (in third party actions). He particularly enjoys complex analytical matters and developing legal defenses designed to win cases based on same. Ian loves Walton Lantaff and its family culture, as well as the satisfaction of providing quality legal work to its clients. When not litigating, Ian enjoys watching football and playing guitar.

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