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Liability for Messy Mortgage Mistake Ended when Statute of Limitations Kicked In

January 8, 2012 by on News

Motion for Summary Judgment Granted on Statute of Limitations Grounds Senior Partner Deborah FitzGerald and Associate Kelly Vogt recently obtained a Summary Judgment in a legal malpractice action in favor of their lawyer client. The action was pending in the 20th Judicial Circuit in Naples, FL. WLSC was retained by a prominent liability insurance carrier to defend its Insured’s lawyer in a professional malpractice action stemming from a real estate transaction in which the lawyer satisfied a different mortgage than […]

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Huge Liability Win for Insurer

January 12, 2010 by on News

Alienated Premises Exclusion Applies to Damage Occurring Subsequent to Property Sale In a marathon-like victory, requiring three hearings and over four hours of argument for summary judgment, Judge Edward Fine granted final summary judgment in favor of the insurer based on the alienated premises exclusion. Here, the buyers of property brought suit against the insured for damages arising out of the insured’s misrepresentations as to the condition of the home.  Damage to the property existed prior to the sale of […]

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