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Dealing with Public Adjusters and Loss Consultants (Aug. 14th Webinar)

Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson invites you to attend a free CEU course: “Dealing with Public Adjusters and Loss Consultants (Webinar)”

Date: Friday August 14, 2020
Time: 10:30 a.m. EDT
Duration: 1 hour (approx.)


Provider #1256 (Walton Lantaff)
Course ID #1127775
Course Offering 113720
Course Authority: CE0324A
Course Level: Intermediate

This webinar is designed as a panel discussion to address the duties of public adjusters as well as the emergence of loss consultants involved in adjusting property insurance losses.

It will discuss the statutory obligations of all of the adjusters involved in the investigation and litigation process, including the additional ethical considerations required of a public adjuster.

It is designed to provide insurance adjusters and investigators a better understanding Florida’s insurance laws and the adjuster’s obligations to apply those laws during the claims process.

Additional discussion about recent changes in the insurance code, as well as potential violations of regulatory, civil, and criminal law which may result from the breach of the duties by loss consultants or adjusters.

Further, the information will focus on developing strategies to promptly resolve issues or prepare SIU referrals to the department of financial services or other agencies, as required.


Jose Pagan, Esq.

Mr. Pagan joined the firm in 2016.  Prior to becoming an attorney Mr. Pagan worked for the Department of Financial Services, with the Hurricane Andrew Mediation Program and subsequently as an Investigator.  Later, Mr. Pagan worked as in-house counsel for a commercial carrier and a Supreme Court Certified Mediator.  Mr. Pagan enjoys litigating insurance, insurance defense, and coverage matters, as well as mediating cases.  Mr. Pagan also enjoys continuing his relationships with the DFS; providing regulatory assistance to clients; as well as helping to educate others working within the industry.  Mr. Pagan is a regular presenter at the annual conference of the Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC).

Ian Ronderos, Esq.

Mr. Ronderos joined the firm as an associate in 2009. In 2013, the partnership of Walton Lantaff honored Ian by making him a partner.  Mr. Ronderos enjoys litigating insurance defense and subrogation matters on behalf of Insurance Companies and their Insureds (in third party actions). He particularly enjoys complex analytical matters. Ian loves Walton Lantaff and its family culture, as well as the satisfaction of providing quality legal work to its clients.


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