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Walton Lantaff Supporting U.S. Soldiers Serving in Afghanistan; How You Can Help

Aug 18, 2014 - News by

Walton Lantaff is helping to sponsor the U.S. Army’s 3rd Cavalry Regiment, which was recently deployed to Afghanistan from its base in Fort Hood, Texas.

Soldier Christopher Heald was deployed in June along with the regiment; his mother Jean Heald, a longstanding friend of the firm with the City of Boca Raton, let us know of the need for support. Senior Partner Beth Leahy is encouraging participation by the firm’s lawyers and any interested friends or clients.

What to send? We suggest supplies, letters of support and/or notes on the unit’s Facebook page. Here are details.

A simple card or letter telling a soldier that they are and by you and their country is most welcomed.

The names of the soldiers and the address follows. They have a Facebook page and you are invited to monitor and post to them on that as well.

SUPPLIES:  For a bigger impact, Soldiers need various items while they are deployed.Hygiene items, snacks, clean socks, bed sheets, and other “luxuries” can do wonders for morale and are oftentimes extremely hard to come by for any unit distant from a PX. Sending  Care Packages is easier than you might think, and postage is inexpensive because of the APO Address.

FACEBOOK PAGE: You can follow the Cavalry unit on Facebook at : There are recent photos, and you can send messages to one or all of the Soldiers. Soldiers can’t always access Facebook from deployment, but they do connect often enough to maintain the page.

Because  U.S. Army will not deliver “unsolicited” mail, you cannot send a letter or package simply addressed “To Any Soldier.”

Address your mail directly to any of the named individual soldiers below.  The address for all is the same.

FOB Fenty, JAF
APO AE 09310

  • Julio Aldama
  • Jordan Colon
  • Caesar Tanguma
  • Daniel Farr
  • Zack Burris
  • Brian Lakin
  • Joseph Primo
  • Christian Cabico
  • Samuel Heer
  • Don Gomez
  • Eric Capel
  • Ethan Meyer
  • Adam Cushway
  • Johnathan Brown
  • Christopher Heald


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