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What Are Best Practices In Risky Real Estate Times?

Jan 3, 2011 - News by

The importance of hiring a Real Estate attorney/Title Agent/Settlement Agent to handle your real estate transaction is critical.
In today’s real estate market, Buyer/Seller/Lenders face new risks when purchasing real property:

  1. Changes to title insurance underwriting rules and regulations that can lead to policies that do not insure Buyer/Lender’s of specific title exceptions;
  2. Recent foreclosures, short sales, and MERS practices require specific compliance to insure marketable title; and
  3. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) changes to Settlement Statement preparation and funding require that your Settlement Agent complies with the new financing requirements to fund loans.

Failure to hire a qualified Real Estate attorney/ Title Agent/Settlement Agent can result in Buyer/Lender and Seller’s inability to obtain and deliver clear marketable title.

If your real estate fortunes have turned the wrong way, Walton Lantaff can either file your foreclosure motion, or defend you against a foreclosure.

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